Low Fee Payday Loans at BestCashAdvance®

Pay the Principal of Your Payday Loan in Small Pieces to Save

"Ok, my remaining principal balance is $100 and the fees due are $10.00, so I'll be able to pay a total of $60.00 this pay date, and my principal balance will drop to $50. Great! That means next week my fee will only be $5.00, and I'll be able to pay the whole thing off."


Principal Payments

Don't wait until you can pay in full. Even if it is only a small amount, begin to pay the principal amount on your payday loan as often as you can. When you schedule a payment arrangement online, the system allows you to put in the maximum dollar amount you want to pay for the next paydate. The system will then allocate this amount to the fee that is due first, and then any remaining balance, even just one cent will be applied to your principal amount outstanding. Your loan balance decreases more quickly because it's always easier to add small payment amounts.

The BestCashAdvance® Difference is Flexibility

At BestCashAdvance® we want you to experience a convenient and efficient way to use payday loans. In addition, we want you to be able to repay your loan in a manner that will allow you to reap the benefits of our Discounted Fees. Needs change, and your payday loan company should be able to change to meet your needs.

*We do not require that you pay off the principal balance in $25 or $50 amounts or all at one time. Many people find that difficult to do, and they end up paying too much for a small loan because they think that next week they'll be able to come up with the $50 payment that many of our competitors insist on. We encourage you to pay as much as you can against the principal amount, as rapidly as you can. Remember, your fees reduce when you pay even a small amount on the principal. We try to help our clients get to the lowest fee payday loan possible in the shortest period of time.

*You may keep the money for a maximum of 12 weeks, however, based on your pay frequency, the system will set up a pay schedule that will allow you to pay down the loan as you go, ultimately reducing your cost.

We are experts at helping people get to the lowest fee payday loan possible, as quickly as possible; that's why we are the BestCashAdvance®. We look forward to serving you.

*Please note that some states require us to have you make a payment in full each paydate. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.