Payday Loan at BestCashAdvance®

Pay Only for the Days You Need Your Cash Advance

Repay Your Cash Advance at Any Time and Save Money

BestCashAdvance® offers a cash advance loan without requiring that you keep the money for a set period. We charge a daily fee only for the days you need the money. There are no payment restrictions or prepayment penalties. Smart consumers request a convenient BestCashAdvance® only for the days they need the cash.

The BestCashAdvance® Difference Puts You in Control

Do It Your Way*

You set the repayment time from 3 days to 12 weeks.
You set the repayment amount each pay period.
You earn increased credit amounts.
Pay your principal balance off your way.
You save money — your money!


You save even more money!

If you are paid weekly, Best Cash Advance® is a great option for you. Some weeks you are flush with cash and other weeks you are not, so you decide. If you find you still have money in the bank on Wednesday, and your loan isn't due until Friday, you can pay it off early and pay less.

When you need a fast-cash loan for unexpected costs, choose us. We are a renowned national cash advance business that's here to help! Our cash advance loan procedure is easy and flexible. You'll see why our customers return to us time after time when they need a quick cash advance loan.

Smart Consumers

BestCashAdvance® wants smart consumers, who understand that cash advances can only cure a temporary cash emergency. And if you have a cash emergency, you want to cure it with the lowest cost loan possible for the least amount of time. We do not require that you keep the money out for a specified period of time. You may repay the loan at any time. There are no prepayment penalties, which means that if you contracted to keep the loan for 14 days, but wish to pay it back in 7 days, you have just saved yourself a week of fees. You pay only for the days you use, and you can pay it back in full at any time.

Or if you are in a cash crunch, which happens to all of us, you can repay the loan over a significantly longer period (up to 12 weeks – if your state regulations allow extended payments). We encourage our clients to pay as much of the principal as they can each pay period, and we do not require that principal payments come in large chunks of cash. Many companies require a principal payback of $25-$50. At BestCashAdvance®, you can pay as little as one cent. Every penny paid against the principal brings lower fees on the next segment of your loan. Make every penny count.

If you are looking for a no fax, no hassle loan, you've found it here. After you are approved for your first loan, we do not require further documentation for another 3 months. It's just click and go. Tell us the amount you want to borrow, and it's in your account the next day. Utah law requires us, however, to speak to you each time you receive a loan. So if you request it, and we have been unable to contact you by 3 PM on the day of your request, call us.

At BestCashAdvance® we are committed to your privacy and security. Please take the time to read our policies. We protect your personal data behind a secure firewall. We encrypt your personal information for transport over the Web. We train our personnel on privacy issues, and then we train them again. We know there are people who would take advantage of the fact that we can't meet with our clients, so we ensure that the person requesting the loan is the person receiving the funds. We are serious about the integrity of our client database.

Welcome to BestCashAdvance®. A different kind of cash company.

*In some states the repayment time and the amount that is to be repaid is controlled by state regulations. Although provides the cheapest way for you to borrow money — that is taking a loan only for the days that you need the cash — and repaying only for the minimum amount of time, some states require that we charge you for a minimum number of days.