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You receive discounted fees as a BestCashAdvance® payday loan customer.
You get the Best Cash Advance® fee advantage for cash advances and payday loans.
The Best Cash Advance® difference is that there are no fixed fees.
Join with others who have been using the Smart Money Connection. They know that using someone else's money for a short time frame can save on those huge bank overdraft charges, or bounced check fees or allow you to pay in cash and get a discount at some retailers. Your Smart Money Connection is here.

You are in Control

You pay only for the days you need the money.
Your repayment terms are flexible up to 12 weeks.
You set your repayment schedule with the click of a button.
You may pay any amount on your principal balance at any time.

It's easy.
See our No Fax Loans Policy.

Welcome to BestCashAdvance® - Your Smart Money Connection
Gives You More Money in Your Pocket

At BestCashAdvance® we provide payday loan money when you need it. Our policies are built to help you repay your payday loan at the least cost, and with the most flexibility. Your needs can change, and we want you to be the one in control of your cash advance.